u8 Identification Program (I.D.P.)

Established in 2008, Infinity Soccer Club is introducing a youth I.D. camp in an effort to provide Cache Valley’s ambitious young soccer players an opportunity to be identified and developed, while also being scouted for inclusion in to the Infinity SC Academy year round training. Along with the I.D. camp experience the players will receive a Real Salt Lake youth replica jersey to wear when training, a $10 discount for attending both the I.D. Camp and the Real Salt Lake Jr.’s Camp, a tour of Rio Tinto Stadium (Saturday, August 18th), a ticket to a Real Salt Lake Match at Rio Tinto Stadium on August 18th vs. FC Dallas where they will be able to walk on the field in the parade of kings  prior to kick off, possibly be selected to walk out with the team or play in the stadium during half time!

A comprehensive scouting and recommendation program is used to form a player pool from which ambitious players are invited to attend the u8 I.D. Training Camp.  For a player to be invited to the I.D. Camp, an Infinity SC Coach must recommend a player using the IDP Player Recommendation Program Form or a parent with an ambitious player must submit a 2-5 Minute video (click here to submit a video) that showcases the players individual drive to confidently dribble, shoot and pass the ball in training and or match play*. The camp will be limited to 60 girls and 60 boys.

IDP Player Recommendation Program Form

IDP Program Overview

* –At Infinity SC we believe that developing a soccer player requires years of technical training and focus on player development along with a lot of free play or pick up game type of soccer. In no way are we entertaining the idea that because a player at 8 years old is good that they will be good when they are older. However, we do believe that players that are ambitious stand outs on their recreational team and have strong parental support have the psychological components to be challenged at a higher level and ultimately have the components to advance their development at a more rapid rate in a more consistent and reliable environment. That being said, we emphasize fun as priority #1, player development as priority #2 and winning games as priority #3. We simply believe that players that have the four components (psycho-social, technical, tactical and physical) at a younger age are in need of a more technical training environment  that fosters creative, risk free playing for them to have better odds of reaching their potential later in their development.

There is a $35 cost to cover insurance and field rental that each player must pay, otherwise the camp is free to those that are invited to the camp, but is by invitation or video selection only. This includes all of the Real Salt Lake perks and 9 more training sessions (to be scheduled) offered by Infinity SC from August 2012-May 2013. Additionally, the I.D. camp is only open to all players registered through U.S. Youth Soccer Association & Utah Youth Soccer Association regardless of their affiliation with independent teams associated with Northern Utah United’s Recreational League or Challenger League and/or South Cache Soccer League. Players invited to be part of the Infinity SC Academy will have the possibility to be invited to train with Infinity SC competitive teams and play in friendlies (scrimmages) with them during the 2012-2013 season as well at no additional cost.

The camp will be held at Elk Ridge Park (1100 East 2500 North North Logan, Ut) and additional academy training sessions will be held at multiple fields and venues throughout Cache Valley.

The Academy will have **two three day sessions to allow the players to attend the Real Salt Lake Jr.’s Camp being held in Providence, UT from Monday, July 30th-Friday August 3rd. Any academy player that attends the RSL Camp will be given a $10 kick back from Infinity SC on the final day of the Academy.

Session one dates
 Wednesday, July 25th, Thursday, July 26th, Friday, July 27th.
Session two dates
Monday, August 6th, Tuesday, August 7th & Wednesday, August 8th.
** – The two sessions are the same camp. They are not two separate camps. 

A player must be born between July 31, 2003 – August 1, 2005

If you received an invitation from
an Infinity SC coach please click here.


If you have a video to submit please click here.

Major organizations that inspired the I.D. Program

AJAX Football Club: In a recent article in the New York Times they picked apart the AJAX soccer academy system. The process of an “invitation only” Identification camp was generated by the following paragraph.

“Like other professional clubs in Europe and around the world, Ajax operates something similar to a big-league baseball team’s minor-league system — but one that reaches into early childhood. De Jong, a solidly built former amateur player, is one of some 60 volunteer scouts who fan out on weekends to watch games involving local amateur clubs. (He works during the week as a prison warden.) His territory includes the area between The Hague and Haarlem — “the flower district, which is also a very good hunting ground for players” is how he described it. He’ll observe a prospect for months or even years, and players he recommends will also be watched by one of the club’s paid scouts, a coach and sometimes the director of the Ajax youth academy. But for some families, the first time they realize their boys are under serious consideration is when a letter arrives from Ajax requesting that they bring their sons in for a closer look, an invitation that is almost never declined. To comprehend the impact of a summons from Ajax, imagine a baseball-crazed kid from, say, North Jersey arriving home from school one day to learn that he has been asked to come to Yankee Stadium to perform for the team brass.”

Read entire article here: http://coachginn.blogspot.com/2011/03/how-soccer-star-is-made.html

NIKE Soccer: Currently has a program called “The Chance: The Search is on”
The best way to explain this program is through the video campaign that is currently going on around the world.

View FC Barcelona’s Head Coach Pep Guardiola searching and inviting a player for “the chance” by clicking here: http://youtu.be/dUilwijAnMw

View U.S. Women’s Soccer legend Mia Hamm as she searches and invites a player to get thier “chance” by clicking here: http://youtu.be/gKQZAdO_9w4