Goal Keeper Training


March Training Times:

Wednesday March 5th @ USU Stan Laub Facility:

Ages U12-U14     -     7:00 pm-8:00 pm

Ages U14-U18     -     8:00 pm-9:00 pm


Wednesday March 12th @ USU Stan Laub Facility:

Ages U10-U12     -     7:00 pm-8:00 pm

Ages U12-U14     -     8:00 pm-9:00 pm

*note that there is no u15-u18 training this week


Evaluations from January Power diving session now available:



Below is a Breakaway training session:


If you are a guest please contact Mike Siler mesgktrainer@gmail.com prior to attending as space may be limited.  All guest goalkeepers will be charged a $10 fee per training.

It is recommended that you have a long pant and long sleeve shirt or jacket  at each training to prevent scratches and burns from the turf as some training sessions involve a lot of diving and sliding.



Westcoast makes some high level high quality gloves that are $50 or less.  These are the gloves that I bring to the Infinity GK training sessions as Demos.   Check them out I cant recommend them highly enough.  They just released an awsome game glove the Vyper and THE BEST glove wash I have ever used.  Go check it out.


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Past Goal Keeper Training Sessions

GK Training with Coach Mike Siler: Video Analysis

Topic: Diving/Deflecting

Topic: Power Diving & Break Aways

Goal Keepers, a Specialized position

Goalkeepers are a specialized position in game of soccer and therefore require specialized training. With the game of soccer advancing and teams training year round goalkeeper training is no longer a benefit it now a necessity at the club level. At Infinity SC we have an established goalkeeper program to develop fundamentally solid goalkeepers that our teams depend on and our opponents respect.


Our goal is to develop goalkeepers with the highest level Technique, Positioning, Decision Making, Communication, Distribution, and Psychological aspect of the game and ultimately improve match performance and develop ODP, College, and Professional players.

The Infinity SC Goalkeeping Program is dedicated to goalkeeper development. All training sessions are designed to stress technique and provide the repetition needed to make great technique become second nature.


Infinity SC coaches understand that goalkeeping requires specialized training and goalkeeper training takes precedence over team training. Infinity SC goalkeepers are expected to attend the goalkeeper training as well as their team trainings. At times this may mean that goalkeepers will be training/playing 4-5 times per week. Goalkeepers are among the hardest working players on a team and they should be leaders on and off the field through their example of hard work at trainings and in games.


Infinity SC goalkeepers are evaluated twice a year based on their training and match performances. Each goalkeeper age 12 & up will receive a written evaluation as well as a video analysis with trainer commentary of their technique and areas of improvement on key aspects of the goalkeeping position.


The Infinity SC Goalkeeping camps are hosted each summer and allow goalkeepers from all teams to obtain specialized goalkeeper training and have a chance to see what the Infinity SC Goalkeeping Program offers its goalkeepers. This is a great inside look to what training our goalkeepers receive and what our program is all about.


Private training or small group training is available at an extra cost. Below is a list of goalkeeper trainers and their fees. Individual training allows goalkeepers to focus on specific areas that need additional work or repetition. Goalkeepers that are preparing for big tournaments, training camps, or college may want to consider these additional training sessions. Typical training sessions are 1 hour to an hour and 15 minutes and can be customized as needed.

Mike Siler
Infinity SC Goal Keeper Director
Email: mesgktrainer@gmail.com
Cost: $35 per session (price is the same for up to 3 players per session)