Fees and Policies section from 2015-2016 Player Handbook

Infinity Fees

Infinity Soccer Club has established the following fees which cover the cost of training, coaching, and club administration.  These fees do not include the State Registration Fee which is listed below.   Fees listed below are per month, per player.  In order to figure out what fees will be required for your player, please see the following steps:

  1. Determine your player’s age level (see Age Groups above).
  2. Determine the level of play your team will be participating in (see Team Placement above).
  3. Find your Infinity Club Fees on the chart below.  These fees can be paid all up front, or may be broken into monthly payments.
  4. Find the appropriate UYSA State Fee or the Challenger Fee below.  These fees, along with the referee fees that are paid each season, are required of all competitive soccer teams in the state of Utah, regardless of affiliation.
  5. Finally, after meeting with your team, a determination will be made by the team if any tournaments will be attended during the year.  Tournament fees are separate and are determined on a team by team basis subject to parent approval.


Infinity Soccer Club Fees

Infinity SC Annual Club Fee Monthly Fee Coaches Fee Total Annual Month Fee
U9 $240.00 $20.00 0.00 $240.00 $20.00
U10 $360.00 $30.00 0.00 $360.00 $30.00
U11 $420.00 $35.00 100.00 $520.00 $43.33
U12 $540.00 $45.00 100.00 $640.00 $53.33
U13 $540.00 $45.00 100.00 $640.00 $53.33
U14 $540.00 $45.00 100.00 $640.00 $53.33
U15 $180.00 $20.00 200.00 $380.00 $42.22
U16 $180.00 $20.00 200.00 $380.00 $42.22
U17 $180.00 $20.00 200.00 $380.00 $42.22
U18 $180.00 $20.00 200.00 $380.00 $42.22

The Infinity Club annual fee covers all of the training sessions the players receive throughout the year.  Most players are trained by coaches and directors in the club a minimum of two to three times a week. These fees are paid to the club using the online state registration system.  Payments can be made monthly or in whole at registration time.  State registration fees are also required, but are assessed to every player playing state and district soccer in the State of Utah regardless of team affiliation.

State Fees

The following fees also apply when registering with the Utah Youth Soccer Association.  This is necessary to be placed on a state roster.  These fees are per player and are required when you play with any competitive soccer team regardless of team affiliation.  They must be paid in whole at registration.  They pay for scheduling, insurance, referee assigning, field painting, and field usage fees that are paid to the cities.  These fees also include most team transfer fees.


State Players

U9-U14                                  $113

U15-U19 – 1 Season          $75


District/Challenger League Players

U9-U14                                  $75

U15-U19 – 1 season             $45

At the time of registration the state or challenger league registration fee will be paid in whole and two months of club fees will be assessed (if paying club fees on a monthly schedule).

Additional Fees

Each team will also incur additional fees, which may include the following:

  1. Indoor training fees (Stan Laub Center)
  2. Futsal league fees (during the winter)
  3. Tournament fees, which will include the entry fee, possible travel expenses, hotel, etc., and money to assist coaches with travel expenses.
  4. Referee fees.  Referees must be paid in cash prior to the start of each game.  The total per player annual cost will be approximately an additional $45.
  5. Uniforms if necessary.  Orders for uniforms will be handled by The Logo Shop through the Infinity website.

All of these fees and tournament plans will be discussed at the team meeting.  Teams are encouraged to participate in club provided fundraisers to help offset these costs.

If you need to change your credit card number at any point during the soccer year, you can contact Affinity Support at 888-211-3444.