It’s Too Expensive
In comparison to other youth programs with paid coaches in the state, Infinity SC is below in cost. Compared with other clubs in the state with similar programs, Infinity SC is cheaper. At year’s end, Infinity SC is far cheaper per hour than any individual/group lesson money can buy.

They Don’t Let You Play other Sports
This is simply not true. Many of our kids excel in multiple sports. And science shows that focusing on one sport prior to 13 years old has increased long term damage to overused muscles and joints while neglecting other muscles and joints.

They Travel Too Much
Infinity SC youth teams (8-12 years old) will play in local leagues and tournaments in Cache Valley and sometimes Box Elder Counties. At the older ages (12-18 years old) our teams travel based on the ability level and the competition available.

They Practice More
Absolutely! We believe training is where you learn and games are where you display what you learned. We expect our players to prioritize Infinity SC training sessions, but not until the older ages are they held accountable for attendance. We are here to teach kids to enjoy the game, not punish them for having a life outside of soccer. So we offer year round training at large quantities so even if a player only makes 2/3’s of the training sessions they are getting  their money’s worth and just as importantly developing as soccer players and quality young citizens.