The Infinity SC Coach


Infinity SC is a club built on the principles that make club soccer the best place to develop soccer players.  These principles are education and cooperation.

Education:  The purpose of coaching soccer is to transfer knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next within the context of the game.  We are to educate our players and teach them how to play by providing an environment that facilitates learning.  We owe the players (and their parents who are paying for this service) an open mind and willingness to continue our own education in the game and of how to coach it.  A coach who is no longer a student needs to no longer be a coach!  An Infinity SC coach is eager to build upon their library of knowledge and experience so that they can better accomplish their task.  They  are expected to learn from anyone in almost any environment.  The Infinity SC coach takes pride in their efforts and strives to coach and train the kids better every day.

Cooperation:  The Club setting realizes a tremendous advantage when those involved engage in active cooperation towards the goals of the Club.  Infinity SC  is committed to player development, so each coach must  take the best interests of each player into account with the decisions they make.  A coach in one age group will actively embrace EVERY PLAYER in that age group.  If there are 3 teams, then there are at least 3 coaches looking out for every player, helping to ensure that everyone has access to the full quality the club has to offer.  Coaches are also aware of the players in their adjacent age groups and to have regular contact with those coaches also.  This creates opportunity for the players and ultimately facilitates player movement so each player is in their best possible environment.

An Infinity SC coach understands that the “Team” in the youth ages is simply a vehicle by which we help organize and teach the game to all of the individuals involved.  The team is not an entity unto itself that players or coaches must have deference to.  The institution is the Club and the primary purpose is player development.