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Infinity Soccer Coaching Education Course

Monday, September 30th
Elk Ridge Park (East Field)
1100 East 2500 North North Logan, UT
Bring: Inflated Ball, cold/wet weather gear, pen, paper
Wear: Soccer training equipment and blue Infinity T-Shirt

A night of comradery and education. This is something that we have been needing to do for a while. It is a great opportunity to get together, put a ball at our own feet and really strive to help each other improve. Five Infinity SC coaches have been asked to run 20 minute sessions (similar to the E & D License sessions). Each session will consist of a 3 minute warm up activity and 3 activities that will last 5 minutes. We will also start right on time at 5:30 with a dynamic stretching exercise presented by Coaches Nathan Young and Mark Tureson who are also Athletic Trainers at IHC – Logan.

Time and weather permitting we plan to get 15 new training activities, 5 new warm up activities and provide some feedback for the coaches that have been selected to present.

In order for this evening to work properly we will need all of our coaches there on time and ready to play. We also need everyone to bring an Inflated ball.

Also we know that the sun is gone about 7:50pm. W put 8:15 as the end time so we can meet for 15 minutes to provide feedback on the evening and get some updates on the Fall season.

Map to Infinity Soccer office at The Riverwoods
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