2014-2015 Tryouts May 19-31st 2014

Infinity SC will hold our 7th annual tryouts for all teams ages u9-u18 Boys and Girls between May 19th-31st. Please check back frequently as we approach the tryout dates in case there are any emergency changes or updates.

For updates and announcements visit our fan page.

We have reserved the fields at Black Hawk Park in Logan from Tuesday, May 19th-20th & May 27th-31st.

Map Black Hawk Park 250 W Legrand Street, Logan, Utah

We will hold tryouts for u9 Premier teams that will play X-League (State Soccer – Northern Utah Region) on May 19th & 20th. The X League teams will be limited to 14 roster spots. The most experienced and competitive players should attend this tryout if they are willing to travel 5-10 times a year outside of Cache Valley

We will hold UYSA State Team tryouts and  NUU Challenger League May 27th – 31st. All invitations to commit to play for the 2014-2015 season will be made on the Infinity SC web site no later than June 3rd but as early as within 24 hours of an age groups final tryout session.

For more information please email lisa@infinitysc.com

For players that are not old enough to play for Infinity SC, we have Summer Camps for players ages 2-8 years old and an I.D. Program for ambitious players born between July 2004 – August 2006 for them to participate in.

For more information please email tdoney1331@gmail.com

Age Specific Tryout Information – TBA, Please check back later for specific times and dates

u9 – Born Between August 2005-August 2006    Boys        Girls
u10 – Born Between August 2004-August 2005    Boys        Girls
u11 – Born Between August 2003-July 2004      Boys        Girls
u12 – Born Between August 2002-July 2003      Boys        Girls
u13 – Born Between August 2001-July 2002      Boys        Girls
u14 – Born Between August 2000-July 2001      Boys        Girls
u15 – Born Between August 1999-July 2000      Boys        Girls
u16 – Born Between August 1998-July 1999      Boys        Girls
u17 – Born Between August 1997-July 1998      Boys        Girls
u18 – Born Between August 1996-July 1997      Boys        Girls

Goal Keeper Tryouts

Goal Keepers should attend their age group tryout times AND Goal Keeper tryouts. All Goal Keeper tryouts are at Black Hawk Park.

Goalkeeper Tryout Times are as follows

u12-u14 Boys & Girls
Thursday, May 29th 5-6:30pm
Saturday, May 31st 9-10:30pm

u15-u18 Boys & Girls
Thursday, May 29th 6:30-8pm
Saturday, May 31st 10:30am-12pm

u9 – u10 Boys & Girls Tryouts

Parents of u9-u10 Boys & Girls,

Welcome to Infinity Soccer Club! My name is Jeff Ginn, I am the Technical Director of Infinity Soccer and specialize in player and coaching development. Your u9-u10 child will receive an abundance of training and game day coaching from me personally. We have excellent coaches in place, and even though there may be a different name for a coach listed as your head coach, I am the individual who will provide the majority of the training for your child and his/her teammates, oversee your child’s training curriculum, and map the course for your coaches to continue their coaching education. Our goal is that by u12, your child will be a superior ball handler and decision maker. Additionally, your coaches will have been groomed, right along with your child, to continue coaching as your team matures in age and skill. We hope that parents of these teams find themselves wanting to learn more about coaching and allow themselves to be mentored as coaches. It is definitely not a necessity for you to coach for Infinity Soccer, but we have a mission to educate the parents of our players as well as develop some of them to be quality coaches if they wish.

2014 Tryout Dates & Times  

U9 Boys*  Born Between May 2005 – July 2006

X League – State Soccer
Monday, May 19th 5-6:30pm
Tuesday, May 20th 5-6:30pm

Challenger League – Local Soccer
Tuesday, May 27th 5-6:30pm
Wednesday, May 28th 5-6:30pm

U9 Girls* Born Between May 2005 – July 2006

X League – State Soccer
Monday, May 19th 6:30-8pm
Tuesday, May 20th 6:30-8pm

Challenger League – Local Soccer
Tuesday, May 27th 6:30-8pm
Wednesday, May 28th 6:30-8pm

U10 Boys* Born Between August 2004 – July 2005

Challenger League – Local Soccer
Tuesday, May 27th 5-6:30pm
Wednesday, May 28th 5-6:30pm

U10 Girls* Born Between August 2004 – July 2005

Challenger League – Local Soccer
Tuesday, May 27th 6:30-8pm
Wednesday, May 28th 6:30-8pm

Map to tryout location: Elk Ridge Park
Address: 1060 E 2500N
North Logan, Utah 84341

The tryout process for u9/u10 players:

In regards to making a u9/u10 team, we will not turn any child away. At this age we do not know who will be a soccer player at age 12, high school, or older. Like all Infinity SC teams, we share the philosophy of U.S. Youth Soccer, and do not want children at this age to feel the pressure of tryouts before they ever have a chance to learn the game. We are confident that our program will develop a love for the game, individual ball handling skills and intelligent decision making on the field. We do not keep anyone from getting the quality training that Infinity Soccer provides for these young players.

* - We have set up two separate days for you to come to one or all of the “tryouts.” Each player can attend one or both of the sessions. The atmosphere will be more of a welcoming training environment than one of testing or analysis. After the first three days, they will have learned some moves, foundation skills and have a chance to do some exercises that will improve their footwork. Most of all, they will get an opportunity to play in fun, small sided (3vs.3 or 4vs.4) games that will allow them to get to know their future teammates and training buddies. If for some reason you can not attend tryouts and want to play Infinity Soccer please email coachjginn@gmail.com.

Infinity will make every effort to place all U9-U10 players on teams.  The number and size of teams will depend on the number of players who register prior to the registration deadlines.  In some instances, age groups may be combined to form a team.  After the registration deadlines, players will be placed as space is available.

 When you make a team, what commitments are expected?

U9 Boys and Girls – born between August 1, 2005 and July 31, 2006
U10 Boys and Girls – born between August 1, 2004 and July 31, 2005

Match Play (Games): Teams in this age group play 8 v 8 (7 field players and a goalkeeper). Players experience every position (including goalkeeper) and rotate every time they step on the field.  Games are viewed as an extension of their training sessions and as an opportunity to attempt, without fear of failure, to execute the things they have learned in training sessions and practice at home. Fall games begin in early September and run through October. Spring games begin in early April and run through May. These teams participate in the Northern Utah United Challenger League with other independent teams in and around Cache County.

Team Training Sessions: Teams will begin training in June and train on average twice a week year round with occasional breaks. Players are not required to attend training; however, training players at this age is vital to their development. It is known as the “golden age group for player development.” Infinity SC offers a robust training calendar to make sure that opportunities for training will still work into busy schedules.  Multiple sports are encouraged at this age! Our coaches do not expect 100% attendance, but attendance is always encouraged. Our #1 job is to get each player to love the “beautiful game” of soccer so much that they beg to attend team training sessions and find themselves playing/practicing at home on their own or with their friends.

Practice: You are asking, “What is the difference between team training sessions and practice?”  Right?  The focus of “practice” is on the player.  Just like a school classroom is the vehicle for your child to develop academically, team training sessions are the vehicle for your player to learn new skills and learn to compete with their peers. Where does a player truly develop? In their backyard! A player that is excelling is one who takes all that Infinity SC has to offer and chooses to PRACTICE at home.  Parents can facilitate and encourage this type of passion to grow from within their child.

We have partnered up with iSoccer, an online training program that allows each player to track their progress, get ideas for training at home and even compare with teammates, club mates and players from across the country and the world! iSoccer is part of the Infinity SC experience and is part of what your dues pay for! We also have a parents education link on our web site to provide ideas, videos and articles for you to utilize as you work with your child at home. Training at home, away from your team is the key to a player reaching their full potential.

My son/daughter is a pretty good player, they are ready to compete now.  What about them?

Infinity SC has a true Club environment where players are constantly evaluated to make sure they are being challenged and trained at a level that is appropriate for them.  Advanced players will not be held back and asked to sacrifice their development for team results;  they will be recommended to train and play in environments that push and challenge them, inspire and ignite their competitive fire.  The better a young player is now, the more important it is that they play in a Club environment where the curriculum is established and prepared to help them reach their potential.  Infinity SC is *that* type of a Club!

Two Frequently Asked Questions at tryout time:
(click the question to be directed to the answer) 

  1. Who will be my child’s coach?
  2. How much will it cost to play for Infinity SC?

Please feel free to contact me for more information regarding the u9/u10 age group for both boys and girls.

“The spirit of a child knows no bounds until limited by adults”

Coach Jeff Ginn
Infinity Soccer
Technical Director
(435) 890-8394

u11-u18 Boys & Girls Tryouts

Infinity SC will hold tryouts for all teams ages u9-u18 Boys and Girls Between May 29th and June 5th. Please check back for more detailed information as we approach the tryout dates. You can find more information on our fan page.

We have reserved the fields at Elk Ridge Park in North Logan from Tuesday, May 29th through June 5th for tryouts (excluding Sunday).

We will begin UYSA State Team tryouts on the 29th and will conclude on June 5th. Invitations to commit to play for the 2012-2013 season will be made on the Infinity SC web Site no later than June 8th.

Age/Team Specific tryout dates and times will be announced as tryouts get closer. Continue to check back frequently as tryouts get closer.

Two Frequently Asked Questions at tryout time:
(click the question to be directed to the answer) 

  1. Who will be my child’s coach?
  2. What is the break down of where the money goes?

Be prepared for tryouts:

Tryout fee: $5 (this pays for field rental and tryout materials and hand outs)

Arrival: Please arrive 15-20 minutes early with the tryout fee and a filled out/signed waiver. Download printable version

Attire: Please wear a white shirt, soccer shorts, shin guards covered by long soccer socks and soccer cleats and bring an inflated ball.

We want to thank this years tryout sponsors:

Jimmy Johns for providing our coaching staff and volunteers with sandwiches each day of tryouts!


Jack’s Wood-Fired Oven is providing a coupon for everyone that attends tryouts. Click here for coupon.
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