Infinity SC Technical Director Jeff Ginn Invites You To Attend The Cache Soccer Expo on March 2nd, 2013

Infinity SC Members,

I am writing you in an effort to encourage you to attend the First Annual Cache Soccer Expo. Before I provide information about the Expo allow me to provide a little background as to how this event came to be.
Many of you do not know that in addition to having a full time job as the Technical Director of Infinity SC I also serve as a volunteer on the Northern Utah United (NUU) Board of Directors. The two organizations provide different types of services and frequently work together to help support each other reach their goals and help carry out each others mission statements. The two organizations are harmonious in their efforts and really try to compliment one another in all that they do.A few months ago I attended one of the monthly scheduled NUU Board meetings. One of the items on the agenda was to address who, of the board members, would attend the annual U.S. Youth Soccer Convention help in Indianapolis, IN.This past year two soccer organizations; U.S. Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) decided to merge their two conventions and support one another. In so doing the price of the annually attended trip was increased. As a result the idea of bringing the atmosphere of the convention to Cache Valley would better serve our community than sending 4-8 of our board members to get a ton of information that would likely not get circulated through the community at the masses that we intend it to.Long story short, the finances that were set side to attend the annual trip to the USYSA Convention have been used to bring our soccer community an opportunity to spend a day learning about the many intricacies of youth soccer. There will be a discussions on topics like TOPsoccer, which is an outreach program for young athletes with disabilities (, to classroom sessions focused on modern soccer philosophies, nutrition, fitness and coaching sessions ran by many of the most experienced coaches from Utah and Idaho. There are even meetings for team managers to attend and team photograph opportunities!


I want to invite and encourage you and your family to attend this event. Not just attend, but make a day out of it. Many people travel many miles for experiences like this and pay nearly $1,000  (including flights and hotel costs) to attend similar events. Please take advantage of this day long event and  make it a priority to attend classes and sessions that you find unique or interesting.

Our coaches and players should be there representing the club while they attend the courses and the parents of the layers in our club should be attending classroom sessions that will help them better understand the soccer culture that they and their families are part of.

Please visit the web site and start circling the classroom or field sessions that most interest you and your family. Take advantage of those trying to help serve you and make your families soccer experience better.

A list of the classroom sessions, field sessions and activities can be viewed on the NUU Expo Schedule Link:

Mark your calendars March 2nd 9am-5pm

Get more info at the NUU web site:


Thank you!
Coach Jeff Ginn
Infinity SC Technical Director


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